We can by your guide on the road to healthy, glowing skin.
Long-term quality and superior results only come from combining regular salon and home care with optimal cosmetic products, where every step has its own justification.

Enjoy your skin!
Thank you for your visit. Ester Tapley.

We are pleased to offer you a luxurious cosmetic treatment MARIA GALLAND with visible results. Straight after the treatment you can go straight to dinner, you and your skin will glow.

Overview of MARIA GALLAND PARIS treatments

The client will be recommended a specific treatment in the booth after an initial skin diagnosis.
All treatments are 90 minutes in length.

Anti-ageing treatment with MODELLING MASK

The warming mask sculpts features and changes facial expression, lifts contours and sagging cheeks, cleanses, smooths and brightens, reduces double chins, and gives a 90% younger looking face.
3 400 Kč/ 90 min

Hydrating treatment to energize thirsty skin HYDRA GLOBAL 20+

Hydrates, removes flakes and dullness, eliminates skin discomfort. Immediate relief for dehydrated skin, suitable for both men and women.
2 360 Kč/ 90 min

Skin density restoring treatment ACTIV AGE 50+

Adds density and firmness to the skin, volumizes and plumps, uses light textures and is particularly suitable for perimenopausal or menopausal clients whose skin has higher demands on product textures, etc.
2 800 Kč/ 90 min

Rejuvenating lifting treatment ABSOLUTE YOUTHFUL LIFTING 40+

Instantly firms and defines facial contours, plumps skin and smooths wrinkles. Ideal for lifting, sculpting and achieving a visibly younger appearance. Stimulates cellular activity.
2 730 Kč/ 90 min

Rejuvenating brightening treatment LUMIN ÉCLAT 30+

Brings instant brightening to tired and dull skin. Intensively cleanses and minimizes the first wrinkles. Special massage strokes boost energy and restore balance to the skin.
2 300 Kč/ 90 min

Using a powerful ultrasonic spatula

If there are no contraindications, we are happy to use a powerful ultrasonic spatula to gently cleaning and incorporation of active substances.

Eyebrow shaping and colouring

Groomed eyebrows enhance the beauty of every woman.
90 Kč


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