Wellness rules of operation

Rules of Operation

The operating hours of the entire wellness center and individual procedures are listed on the hotel's website www.hotelcentralpark.cz or at the wellness reception.

Entry to the wellness center is only possible after payment of the entrance fee at the reception, and staying there is subject to compliance with these operating regulations.

Every visitor is obliged to behave in such a way as not to damage the wellness center or its equipment. Furthermore, he is obliged to maintain cleanliness and order.

Children under the age of 12 are only allowed to enter when accompanied by a person over the age of 18. Entry is prohibited:

  • persons with fever, conjunctivitis, skin or other communicable diseases, parasites, rashes, diseases accompanied by discharge and bacillus carriers,
  • persons in quarantine due to the occurrence of infection, family members or members of households in which a communicable disease has occurred and the sick person is not isolated,
  • persons who are drunk or under the influence of drugs,
  • to persons who do not respect the visiting rules in any way and do not heed the instructions of the staff,
  • it is strictly forbidden to bring animals into the wellness center.

Every visitor is obliged to observe personal cleanliness and maintain the cleanliness of all places and wellness facilities and to take care of their own safety and the safety of others during their actions.

Before entering the wellness center, every visitor is obliged to wash with soap and take a proper shower without swimwear, the same applies after every use of the toilet.

Everyone enters the wellness center at their own risk. There is an increased risk of slipping throughout the area, therefore every visitor is obliged to move slowly and gently to avoid the possibility of injury to themselves or others.

The operator of the wellness center reserves the right to refuse entry or to remove without compensation any person who does not comply with the operating rules, the instructions of the employees or whose behavior is found by the employee of the wellness center to be indecent. Any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed into the wellness center or will be removed from the wellness center without compensation.

Anyone who notices a defect in the premises or equipment of the wellness center that threatens the safety of people or a defect that threatens to damage property must immediately report such a defect to the staff at the reception.

In the event of an injury to any person, anyone who observes this fact is obliged to notify the employee. The operator of the wellness center is not responsible for damages caused to the property and health of visitors, if they are caused by the irresponsible approach of these persons or as a result of their fault.

It is not allowed to bring any alcohol, drugs, narcotic and psychotropic substances, glass or glass objects and other dangerous objects that could cause damage to the health or property of the wellness center into the wellness center. An employee of the wellness center has the right to decide on the danger of individual items. Smoking is prohibited in the wellness center and only food and beverages purchased in the wellness center are allowed. It is the duty of every person entering the wellness center to hand over the items found here to the wellness center staff. The operator of the wellness center does not assume any responsibility for damage to health or property caused by the visitor through his fault, even due to negligence. The operator of the wellness center does not assume any responsibility for the loss of items or their theft by other persons, with the exception of those items that the operator of the wellness center has taken over for safekeeping in areas specially reserved for this purpose (e.g. changing rooms). Compensation for all damages caused by the visitor will be recovered in accordance with the applicable legal regulations of the Czech Republic.


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